About us

At Adjustable Clamp, we think tools are very cool.

Our Story

Many years ago, a young man’s passion and nerdery for tools and home renovation were always considered a funny statement. Being into something so casual and nonchalant was always frowned upon. Back in the day, very few people would take someone’s interest in a bunch of tools seriously. But things changed and the world got more modernized. Innovations in machinery and tools were spreading left and right. This sudden boom in the tools industry paved the way for one man to finally fulfill his long-time dream of sharing his knowledge with the whole world. This spirited man gathered together a team of experts in website building and content creation in order to start a webpage for all things tools. In early 2018, after months of gathering data and preparing a wide range of content, the Adjustable Clamp site was launched. Today, we continue to share our knowledge and love for tools.

Our Mission

We at Adjustable Clamp are dedicated to imparting vital information for all things related to tools. Our vision is to build a reputable portfolio of news and facts that deal with gadgets and machinery. We are committed to communicating to a wide range of audience from a handyman looking to buy their first toolset to an experienced woodworker wanting to upgrade their workshop kit. We strive to be a partner of choice for the world’s leading brand of tools by helping them build and maintain the most reliable and cost-effective means of marketing and information dissemination. With every article published at Adjustable Clamp, we aim to ensure that each potential customer and buyer is fully informed with technical specifications before making a decision to purchase. We want to rule out each pro and con so that a buyer can reach a knowledgeable choice. Our goal is to produce quality content that will not only lead a customer to the best choice but for them to be completely satisfied with their purchase. We aspire to deliver a total customer service experience by extending their knowledge of a product even after obtaining the product through various pointers and suggestions. Our mission is to give unlimited opportunity to everyone who wants to be insightful when it comes to tools.

At Adjustable Clamp, we review tools. We treat tools like they are magic because frankly, they kind of are. We reinvent its definition by extending their use and practices. We unleash our creativity and imagination while maintaining the delivery of proper education. Discussing tools might be boring to some people, but our team is far from being just that. We produce content that seems to just come from friends and family giving a sound advice and we intend to keep it that way. Not all tools can deal with every possible renovation and restoration there is, but we sure can handle even the impossible.

Here at Adjustable Clamp, we don’t just like tools, we know tools.