Cars, Cooling, and Compressors

When you think about air compressors, I’m pretty sure that it’s not just the power tools you relate it to. Whether you own a car or you’re simply a car enthusiast, you will know that an air compressor is the very center of a car’s air conditioning. Best air compressors have always played important roles since the beginning of automotive assembly and it has made people’s lives easier ever since.

The power of air compression is a thermodynamic process that makes us get that cool feeling without an actual ice involved. In humid temperatures, hot gases need to be removed so that all that’s left will be the cool air.

Before we get more into that, let’s talk about how an air compressor is utilized together with the other parts of an air conditioning system.

An air conditioning system without an air compressor is simply going to suck whatever temperature of the air is outside in your car. That means, if it’s a hot and humid day outside, it will also be the same case inside your vehicle. The air compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, which is the main cause of cooling or refrigeration. This refrigerant decides on what do once it sense the temperature inside your car. The air compressor is powered by the serpentine belt which determines its function. If you hear noises from your car or you see fluids leaking, it’s probably a sign letting you know that the belt snapped. Having a broken belt means both the air conditioning system and the car itself would not function.

As mentioned earlier, the process in which hot gas turns into the cold fluid is done by the condenser. It radiates and depressurizes the air that was sucked into the air compressor. It then cools and liquefies the air, sending it to the dryer.

The receiver protects your vehicle from dirt, moisture, and other elements by filtering it before sending it to the air compressor. This is a very important component which prevents the air compressor from being damaged by dirt and moisture. An accumulator works like a dryer that also filters dirt and moisture before letting it pass through the air conditioning system. It safeguards the air compressor by restricting the level of refrigerant that gets into the evaporator. This evaporator is the part that cools the moisture-free air. This is the cold breeze that you experience when you turn on your vehicle’s air conditioning.

The same principle applies to other types of air conditioners, whether it’s installed in your home or your office. Our refrigerators and freezers are also powered by a compressor. It follows the same concept with an exception to the other components.

Without air compressors allowing us to experience the cooling experience it delivers, we will all probably be suffering from the heat. Not to mention the extreme weather changes we have been having lately that continues to get worse, these air conditioning systems powered by air compressors help us bear the reality of global warming.

Overall, it’s thanks to air compressors for letting us live a cooler, therefore more comfortable, life.

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