Compressed Air for the Handyman (or Handywoman)

Most people have at least one or two power tools at home. It’s something every home can get a good use of, after all. You can do drill work or even finish nailing a wooden board in no time.

The problem with these power tools is that they run dependent on electricity which oftentimes leads to the risk of sparks, short-circuiting and electrocution. If you’re a beginner handyperson, it can be terrifying to risk yourself, as well as your family and your home, to these dangers.

It’s a great thing that we now have pneumatic tools and you should have tested the most popular air compressors before to have one.

Also known as air tools or air-powered tools, these are devices powered by compressed air that’s supplied by an air compressor. These air tools are way safer to run and maintain and so it’s perfect for those who are just getting started with their handiwork. There’s also a higher weight to power ratio with pneumatic tools, so you will benefit even from smaller tools to accomplish the same task.

Today, there’s already a long list of air tools which you can use along with your air compressor. I’ll be leaving a record for those devices, but I won’t be talking about them one by one since most of them are quite self-explanatory already. I do, however, would like to cite examples of how and when you can use these air-powered tools together with your air compressor to complete your handy projects at home.

  • Nail guns are just one of the many good friends a carpenter has. It speeds up the process of nailing compared to using a hammer and having to manually smash that nail to a surface.
  • Air shears are used for cutting special plastics, textiles, and wire. As a pneumatic cutter, it speeds along the process of having to cut-up pieces of a material.
  • Sandblasting guns are great tools to use for preparing surfaces. It’s able to remove paint, rust and other problems on surfaces such as metal or wood.
  • Air blow guns are being used for many a task. It removes debris, cleans and dries an area or surface in such a breeze.
  • Air sanders smoothen objects and surfaces by sanding it quickly. Using air sanders are better than an electric variant since it doesn’t heat up and it can be used for an extended period of time, especially if the surface is quite large.
  • Air tire inflators are one of the most popular pneumatic tools you can have. You can now easily inflate your car or bike tires in almost an instant.
  • Air drills also referred to as Jackhammers, are tools used to break up rock and pavement. The use of this tool together with an air compressor allows you to do a task remotely.
  • Other pneumatic tools include angle grinders, chipping hammers, air ratchet, impact wrench, air guns and pop riveter.

Although air tools prove to be much safer than electricity-powered tools, safety precautions should always be observed. Accidents related to using any kind of tool are almost inevitable especially when you don’t take the proper measures to keep you and your home safe.

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