Compressed Air for Home and Recreation

By now it’s quite obvious that having an air compressor will always come in handy. It’s a great device to have in your home since it can do lots of things which I will discuss further in a while. When air compressors become a topic, it doesn’t really sound inviting or even interesting. Most people might usually associate compressed air with boring construction or hardware work. But the thing is, a lot of common activities utilize compressed air, we’re just not aware of it. It’s a lot more useful than most of us realize and that’s the funny thing. Sure, a lot of tools nowadays are powered with just electricity, but more often than not, electricity will not be able to sustain the power long enough. Mostly, the ending would be overheating or worse, a broken machine. Below you will find different ways and platforms where compressed air is used and needed. I’ve broken them down into two categories so you would have a general idea first.

Here’s the real deal about what you can do with your air compressor:


Airbrush or Spray Painting

I really couldn’t decide at first whether to place this one in the “home” category or the “recreational” one, but since this is quite a fun and easy activity, let’s just leave it here. Airbrush painting or spray painting is one of the best ways to use an air compressor creatively. Even though you will need a separate spray gun to be attached to your compressor, this method makes the activity a breeze. Aside from that, you would save a ton of money if you could do it yourself rather than hire some professional who will probably overcharge you for the job. And because it’s compressed air, it takes no time at all.

Inflating things

This could easily be anywhere, but most likely, it’ll happen at home. If you own a car or a bike, chances are you need to get your tires regularly inflated. It’s a safety measure everyone who drives (or rides) ought to practice. With this, smaller units of air compressor would do the job. Speaking of inflating things, tires aren’t the only ones you need to put air into. Think sports balls, inflatable pools, and pool tubes.


It’s not like you leave everywhere else a mess, but let’s face it, we do almost all the cleaning in our homes only. If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t have a helper or a cleaning staff to help maintain your home in tip-top shape. Cleaning is always a chore, to be honest, especially when you don’t have the time and energy to do it regularly. However, if you own an air compressor, clean-up would surely be a lot quicker and easier. You can turn your compressor into a pressure washer by getting a washer gun that’s compatible with your unit. With this, not only is cleaning a breeze but deep-cleaned too.



This really isn’t my cup of tea, but more and more people are getting into diving. Here, compressed air is an absolute must. The compressed air is filtered and is specifically used as breathing gas for the diver. Basically, scuba divers use air compressors in their equipment to allow them to breathe in oxygen from the tank whenever they are underwater. It’s pretty common, right? But most of us forget that it is compressed air that’s being used here.

Paintball Guns

Paintball is a very fun activity that most kids (and some adults) enjoy. It’s the kind of recreation where kids feel like they’re older and the adults feel like they’re kids again. If you haven’t tried playing paintball yet, then you will be surprised to know that some players make their own guns for it. These homemade guns use small air compressors to enforce the pressure. A bicycle pump is a popular example used for this very purpose. Also, take note that I’m not recommending you to DIY your paintball gun. Let this serve as a fun fact.

DIY Snow Machine

This can be a bit of a reach, but won’t it be amazing to have your very own white Christmas at home? With an air compressor and some valve and pipe pieces, you’ll be your family’s own Santa Claus. There’s a lot of DIY plans about this on the Internet, but make sure to consult with someone professional first before pushing through.

If the topics listed above wasn’t able to convince you to get your own air compressor yet, I don’t know what will. What I do know and am sure of is that it will only cost you more money to rent a unit or have someone else do the job than buying one for your home.

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