Detailing with Compressed Air

An air compressor is a versatile device that allows you to inflate tires and power up various pneumatic tools. What most people are not aware of (or maybe choose to ignore) is that compressed air can also be used for cleaning.

Probably the most popular way of using compressed air in this topic is auto detailing. It is the act of cleaning and restoring a vehicle thoroughly. With the term “detail” in use, the regular soap and water wash process isn’t enough. A simple car wash only gets rid of dirt mostly on the outside of the car. This is also equivalent to a very minimal interior clean-up. Most people get an auto detailing done whenever they need a show-quality finish. This also means a top-to-bottom cleaning of both the interior and exterior of the car.

Air compressors are used in auto detailing in order to save time. Having to thoroughly purge out every dirt and debris from the car’s interior is quite the tedious task, and so using a pressurized air can save you from that.

Let’s say you’re looking into starting a business in the auto detailing world, you would get the most benefits by investing in a commercial grade air compressor. However, you need to make sure that you have the ample space and the right kind of compressor unit that can get the job done. For example, a portable unit may be good for personal use, but for a business, that wouldn’t be the case. It may not be able to run more than one tool at a time or may not have the right amount of power to complete a task. The point is that you should choose an appropriate one that would help you with the job.

How to use an air compressor for cleaning is simple, as long as you are careful enough to know the correct amount of pressure to a corresponding object. Auto detailing with compressed air is done by using the spray nozzle to blast the pressurized air directly into the crevices of your interior. It’s basically like using a very powerful blower. The trick here is to direct the area where you want to blow the dust and dirt off to. If you’re having difficulty with some stubborn debris, you could use a properly sized brush to brush it out or try and vacuum it up instead.

Aside from auto detailing, air compressors are also used to clean the inside of electronics. These areas are virtually impossible to clean in a regular manner, thus, we use compressed air. Electronic devices such as computers, radio, speakers, TV and other kinds of systems are only cleaned from the outside. You spray with it some cleaning solution and wipe it off, then you call it day. But that should not be the case when you have an air compressor. You can blow off any dust and dirt that’s inside these electronics and keep it working for a longer period of time. With this, however, it’s important to use a low pressure to ensure that no damage will be done to the interiors of your electronic devices.

And there you have it, more ways to use your air compressor plus less time and effort put into detailing and cleaning.

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