Husky Electric Hotdog 2 Gal. Air Compressor Review

If you’re looking for a portable compressor for minimal work and small DIY projects, this unit is sure to win you over. Before we talk about the specifics of this unit, let’s discuss the different things you can do with a smaller sized air compressor before you check our buyers guide on air compressors.

Small sized air compressors are commonly known as portable air compressors. These are built portability and convenience in mind. Think, starter pack, if you will. A beginner can easily do projects that utilize compressed air with this kind of unit. Some of the typical applications for this type include inflating types of equipment like a basketball or a pool float and powering pneumatic tools. And thanks to its compact size, they are more lightweight compared to regular or stationary compressors. You can conveniently move portable air compressors from one place to another. Another advantage of portable units is that it’s likely to make less noise. It’s more of a quiet machine that you can use both indoors and outdoors without worrying about noise complaints.

When it comes to specific applications, a portable air compressor can do a number of things. Here are some examples to give you an idea of what you can do with a portable compressor.

  • Pneumatic grinders are one of the most popular tools for builders. It is often used to remove unwanted material from a construction piece.
  • A sander is another tool that is used for providing a smooth finish to crafting projects and pieces of furniture.
  • Pneumatic nail guns are one of the most common tools you can use with an air compressor. It’s used for a lot of household projects including cabinet renovations and other sorts of small-time construction.
  • Because of its compact size, you can take your unit anywhere at anytime. You can work on projects outside your home so long as there’s an available power source.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of a portable air compressor, it would be biased if I did not talk about the disadvantages, too. There aren’t really many cons to portable units since it is all based on personal preference. What you need to know, though, is that if you are planning to do moderate to heavy duty work, the portable one may not be able to sustain it. So keep track of what your portable machine can and cannot do.

Moving on to the star of this review, we have the Husky 0100211A air compressor. It’s the perfect portable unit that can do your DIY projects at home. It has a 2-gallon tank size with a max pressure of 100 PSI (pound per square inch). The 0100211A unit is an electric type hot dog compressor that promises convenience and ease of use. The flip-up handle on this unit was designed to aid its portability.

The Verdict

The Husky brand is manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry so you can be sure that you’re getting one of the best. If you’re looking to start some arts and crafts project at home, the Husky 0100211A is the air compressor for you.

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Husky Electric Hotdog 2 Gal. Air Compressor
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