Porter Cable 30Gal Air Compressor Review

Convenience and power oftentimes don’t go together with most compressors. Usually, you would find a portable unit but is lacking in power, or you end up with a powerful one that’s too bulky and takes up much of your garage space. Fortunately, this product is both convenient and powerful. It’s safe to say it can put most compressors to shame since this unit has the features you would definitely want.

The Porter-Cable air compressor is a heavy-duty machine with a 30-gallon tank according to all air compressor reviews. The tank is positioned vertically, therefore it still passes as a portable unit. It has a maximum PSI (pound per square inch) of 135 which is perfect for light to medium workload. With this PSI rating, you can go away with using a number of air tools such as an air filter cleaner, a panel cutter, a blow gun, an air hammer, a tire hammer, a paint spray gun and a lot of other pneumatic tools. With these possibilities, you can do projects like spray painting, blowing dirt from crevices, clean filters, and many more.

This air compressor is a single stage type of compressor which means it’s ideal for personal use plus it costs less. It is able to power up various air tools, as I mentioned earlier, and can easily get things done. This unit also has a large tank size of 30 gallons. An unspoken rule when buying air compressors is that “the bigger the air tank, the better”.

You’re wondering why right?

Well, having an air compressor with a large tank capacity simply means that you can store more compressed air. If you aren’t familiar with it yet, compressing air takes quite a bit of time. Having a large storage to act as a reservoir would mean that you can do more continuous work or you can save some pre-compressed air for the next use. With a big tank size, you can run air tools longer and more effectively. Awesome, right?

Another great thing about this unit is that the tank of this Porter-Cable air compressor is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). This equates to a high standard and top quality tank for the compressor.

This particular compressor runs at 1.6 hp with a heavy duty twin valve cast iron pump and a 120-240 volt induction motor. The dual voltage motor is designed specifically for the standard 120-volt outlet, but you can also choose to convert it to a 240-volt application. It is fully assembled and equipped with an on or off switch, a quick-set regulator, and separate tank and tool pressure gauges. There’s also a quick-connect coupler which allows you to effortlessly connect various pneumatic tools.

The Verdict

The Porter-Cable air compressor uses oil to lubricate the pump, meaning it is a gas type of compressor which is great for continuous use. This unit is seriously worth every penny and it’s one of the best air compressors you can ever find. 

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