Puma Industries PD1006 Air Compressor Review

Air compressors serve a wide number of purposes. But with a lot of technical terms and computations involved, it’s a bit difficult to decide which kinds of a compressor to buy. With this in mind, it’s always recommended to choose depending on what you need the unit for.

With a variety of compressors that The Puma Industries carry, this one ranks as one of the best air compressors for sale. The PD1006 Air Compressor from Puma stands as one of the Best Selling Portable Air Compressor and Power Tool in Industrial and Scientific products as well as in Tools and Home Improvement.

This unit has an oil-less design making it a cheaper alternative than oil air compressors. In line with this, it’s also lighter in weight and requires less maintenance. It’s the perfect device for projects that require light to moderate workload. With a 0.75 hp, it’s an example of how portable doesn’t always mean powerless. The maximum PSI for the PD1006 Air Compressor is 135 which will allow you to do an assortment of applications such as the following:

  • Air filter cleaner
  • Body polisher
  • Sander
  • Blowgun
  • Impact wrench
  • Air hammer
  • Tire hammer
  • Spring oiler
  • Engine cleaner
  • Paint spray gun
  • Radiator tester
  • Spark plug cleaner and tester
  • Transmission and differential flusher
  • Fender hammer
  • Car washer
  • Medium duty sander

The list above clearly shows that there’s a lot of things you can do with this particular air compressor. It’s mostly things you can do at your home or your garage, and since it’s portable, you don’t have to worry much about space. It has a mount that allows you to change its orientation to suit your available area.

This unit has a tank capacity of 1.5 gallons which, simply put, is quite amazing for it being a portable model. It can store a good amount of compressed air, therefore, you can do an ample load of work for a reasonable period of time.

The Puma Industries patented their design for the unit’s pump to lower the noise it makes while it’s operating. They also improved the cooling system of the compressor. It now has an oversized motor cooling fan to prevent the unit from overheating due to its continuous use.

The PD1006 unit is an electric air compressor so it’s convenient if you are close to an electrical power source. Do not use this unit with an extension cord just in case you need to work far from a power source. This one is specific to small jobs and indoor work, so maybe stick to your yard or garage instead. The great thing about this compressor is that it was optimized for continuous use and has a feature where it adjusts the pressure depending on what is needed for the work.

The Verdict

The Puma Industries PD1006 air compressor is a great quality unit that’s portable and has a good amount of power. You can buy this one with free shipping as well as gift-wrapping, in case you want to gift it to someone you love.

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