Quincy Air Compressor Review 2018 – Most popular Quincy Compressors Reviewed

Air compressors have a great deal to offer, whether it’s for your pneumatic tools at home or for supplying moderate to high pressure for industrial processes and commercial applications.

Depending on your particular needs, there’s a specific type that would do the job well. And when it comes to air compressors, you can be sure that Quincy has been a trusted name for a long time. So before we talk specifications, let’s first get to know the brand that’s behind some of the leading compressors of all time.

Here are the best Quincy air compressors for your home and garage needs.

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Quincy QT-5, 

80 Gallon


Quincy QT-54, 60 gallon vertical


Quincy Single-Stage, 60 gallon


3.5 HP 

Quincy 20 Gallon Horizontal 

2 HP 

The Quincy Brand


It all started when three employees named George Gille, George Wall, and John Kathe realized that their work in a vacuum design company wasn’t going anywhere. There was no interest in their vacuum designs at all. They then noticed that there was a market gap in the demand for a more powerful air compressor in the American market.

The three friends decided to start their own line of vacuum compressors, including production and distribution. They found financial backing to start a brand new company in the form of Elation and Maculae Irwin. By July 1920, the Wall Pump and Compressor Co. located on Quincy’s riverfront was born.

1923 – 1924

Nearing the end of 1923, the company had already expanded its production line greatly. Inspired by the location of the headquarters and manufacturing on the Quincy’s Riverfront, the company decided to change its name to Quincy Compressor Company.

The following year, the company expanded its line as well, producing some of the most historic innovations at the time. They had begun selling reciprocating air compressors when the company blew up due to the increasing demand for compressed air.


Years passed and Quincy products were rebranded and geared towards a more specialist product series. In 1937, the company introduced the QR-25 series which continues to be an industry symbol of quality. The same durability and performance capabilities still thrill the market as initially designed. Only a few minor modifications and performance outputs have been made since. These characteristics are present in all of Quincy’s reciprocating line.


The demand for Quincy air compressors was overwhelming that it led to an additional production store at Bay Minette, Alabama, in 1980. It’s also where they began machining and manufacturing their rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps.


Scaled by the ever-growing demand for quality products, Quincy Compressor Co. expanded into Kunshan, China in 2004. They opened Q-Tech Air Systems, Ltd., where about 35 people are currently employed. The facility was created to assemble and test Global rotary screw compressors. In July 2004, the first official production began, and the facility officially opened in September 2004.


Today, Quincy Compressor is still dedicated to delivering the same durability and performance to suit even the most demanding needs.

Quincy Compressor Products

There is a wide selection of Quincy Compressor products which are all well-known for uncompromising reliability, durability, and high-quality performance. With an established reputation for continued innovation, Quincy products are the preferred choice of companies in industries such as automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, agriculture, and many others.

Before we go into the individual product reviews and see what each model has to offer, it’s important to know the different types of air compressors and be able to compare one from the other. This will help you understand each type of compressor and eventually allow you to make the best choice once it’s time to purchase.

Quincy has 6 types of air compressors that were designed for different purposes.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • Uses a positive displacement compression system
  • Used in operating high-power tools like Jackhammers
  • Durable for high-precision situations and long-term applications

Reciprocating Air Compressor

  • Also called a “Piston Air Compressor”
  • Operates using a piston inside of a cylinder
  • Often used in the agricultural, automotive, natural gas, packaging, and general manufacturing applications

Oil-free Air Compressor

  • Used in clean environments that require 100 percent oil-free air
  • Often used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, textile production, and electronics companies

Natural Gas Air Compressor

  • Increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume
  • Best for situations needing the higher pressure of lower volumes of gas
  • check
    Often used in petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturing

Portable Air Compressor 

  • Features a single valve and piston design
  • Smaller, lighter, and more portable
  • check
    Best for DIY home projects and automotive projects
  • check
    Applicable for light industrial use

Multistage Air Compressors

  • Features a series of cylinders that reduce the amount of work necessary to compress air
  • Best for demanding industrial environments such as auto repair and manufacturing

We’ve covered the basics when it comes to Quincy product types, now let’s focus on one particular type in which the tested products are categorized under.

Reciprocating or Piston Compressors: Single-Stage and Two-Stage

Reciprocating compressors, also called piston air compressors, are types that rely on a piston inside of a cylinder for their operation. These are compressors with a positive displacement which means air is trapped between two components and then forced to occupy a smaller space, increasing its pressure. These positive displacement compressors are the most common types used for home projects, hobbyist applications, small worksites, and sometimes even in industrial applications.

How does it work?

Generally, as the compressor operates, air fills the upper portion of the cylinder while the piston moves down. This is based on the difference in atmospheric pressure as well as the pressure of the cylinder. When the cylinder moves upward, it’s where the compression of the air occurs.


A single-stage compressor is identified by containing a single piston and cylinder. Standard units are designed to be a single-stage compressor.

Two-Stage or Dual-Stage

With a two-stage or dual-stage compressor, there are two pistons within their own cylinders each. Oftentimes they are set at a 90-degree angle which can look similar to those pistons out of a V-8 engine. This two-stage compressor operates similarly to a single-stage one. The only difference is that it adds another step for compression so it can take advantage of the maximum strength of both cylinders.

Quincy Air Compressor Buyer’s Guide

Now it’s time to break down the information you’ll need as a buyer. Let’s talk about some important factors to consider for your first (or your next) air compressor.


In general, the tank size only matters depending on what kind of applications you need compressed air for. But if we’re talking practicality wise, a bigger tank size is definitely better. Having a bigger tank means that when the air compressor fills up and stops, there’s a larger reservoir of pre-compressed air that’s ready for your next use. A large tank also means that it’s designed to run long enough without having to cycle over and over just to fill it with compressed air. And since the cycle is less frequent, your compressor will reap the benefits of a longer life and less energy consumption.

If you already own a compressor unit and you realize that your tank isn’t large enough, don’t just put a larger tank that it isn’t designed for. Make sure to contact the manufacturer first before going through any alterations and upgrades. Or if you have enough budget, just purchase a new one that carries a larger tank.


For a single stage compressor, you have a choice between 120/240v, 208-230v, or 230v. The key thing to remember here before making any decision is the type of electricity you have already wired for. For example, since most standard homes have 120/240v wiring, going for a compressor with this capability is the easiest because it means there’s no need to install any new electrical wiring. If you choose differently, you will need an electrician to set up the installation to support the higher voltage.

On the other hand, a two-stage compressor isn’t likely to fit a residential setting. It’s mostly used in an industrial setting where a three-phase electricity is found. A three-phase power is more efficient and causes less wear and tear on your motor. If you do prefer to buy a two-stage unit, make sure to consult your local codes and electrician beforehand.


An important measure of what an air compressor can do and how well it can do it is its horsepower rating. Choosing the right horsepower rating depends on what job you’re going to do. Aside from this, the pressure (PSIG) and capacity (CFM) also play a big part in how well your unit can perform in different applications. If you’re quite confused with all the calculations you’re going to do, here’s a list of converters and calculators from Quincy.


The pump is arguably the most important piece of the compressor. The pump should be designed specifically for the application otherwise it will overheat and die. For a single-stage air compressor, a pump with a V-design is best as it will minimize vibration, improve cooling, and overall extend the life of the unit. For a two-stage unit, a cast iron pump with an aluminum head is a great choice.

Size, Weight, and Portability

Air compressors are now available in a wide range of size, so it’s really all up to you and your needs when deciding on this aspect. The most important thing to take note of here is that you make sure that no matter its size, it can still do the job you want or need. Your work area and storage space are also good points to take into consideration.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of an air compressor is the amount of time it can be operated in. It may differ from model to model, and the environment you’re in also matters. Typically, a rating of 100 PSI and a standard ambient temperature of 72-degrees F is used to compute the duty cycle percentage. The most you can get is 100% duty cycle which is an hour of run time or constant duty.

Noise Level

Another important factor to consider is how loud the air compressor can be when operating. Given that compressors aren’t exactly quiet machines, you should be prepared in case it is louder than what you might expect. Think about where you’re going to use it and whether the area can control the noise or not. Consider your household and your neighbors as well.


The last thing you need to consider is how long your air compressor can perform well. A good compressor system will need as little maintenance as possible, so definitely check for reviews before purchasing. Also, the good thing about Quincy compressors is the warranty they offer. They have various extended warranties for their different products such as the Royal Blue Warranty, True Blue Warranty, No BULL Warranty, Blue Shield Extended Warranty, and the 10-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty. Aside from this, they have great customer care and they promote total customer value.

The Best Quincy Air Compressors

Now it’s time to review four amazing compressor systems from Quincy and find out which one suits you the best. There are two single-stage compressors and two dual-stage compressors here, with different tank capacities and different horsepower so you have a good range of options.

Quincy QT-5 in Review

The next air compressor on our list is the Quincy QT-5. It’s an electric-powered, portable compressor that’s efficient and has a low operating cost. It runs at a slower RPM, producing more compressed air at a lower horsepower. It’s a heavy-duty unit designed for industrial and commercial applications.

Key Features

The QT-5 is one of the leading models in the industry thanks to its 50,000+ hour pump life. It has an aluminum head for better heat dissipation and a cylinder and a head gasket made from Graphite to provide positive sealing and increased performance.

This compressor was designed for maximum cooling and increased valve life by having a finned tube inter-cooler. The vertical tank has the capacity of 80 gallons with an ASME coded pressure-relief valves tank. Its cast iron flywheel is well balanced for energy efficiency and durability.

The Quincy QT-5 features an industrial-duty Baldor motor with a capacitor start the motor and built-in thermal overload. Its two-stage design can provide pressures between 145 and 175 working PSI. It boasts 5 HP and runs on 230V.


  • Heavy-duty manual ball valve
  • Extra-capacity oil reservoir
  • Large tank size
  • check
    Strong performance
  • check
    100% duty cycle
  • Not portable
  • check
    Quite loud

Quincy QT-54 in Review

First on our list of compressor reviews is the Quincy QT-54. It’s one of the most popular two-stage electric air compressor from Quincy because it’s geared towards hobbyists and beginners.

It’s typically used for a variety of air tools, such as air guns and even blast cabinets. It’s strong enough that it can provide continuous air and can definitely handle jobs with a higher end of demand.

Key Features

The QT-54 is equipped with an industrial-grade Baldor motor, made in the US. It comes with a capacitor start motor featuring a built-in thermal overload. It has a vertical tank that can carry up to 60 gallons of air, which can be completely filled within 6.5 minutes. The Quincy QT-54 has 5 HP and runs on 230V with a maximum PSI of 175.

The pump is made from cast iron with an aluminum head with a splash lubrication system. The drain system of the QT-54 is completely manual making it easily accessible especially when replacing the oil. It also has a 100% duty cycle so you can use it continuously for about an hour.


  • Longevity and high quality
  • Easy to access drain line
  • Strong performance
  • check
    Well packaged
  • check
    Built-in thermal protection
  • Delay in the delivery of parts

Quincy Q13160VQ in Review

The second Quincy compressor on our list is a single-stage one that’s also perfect for DIY projects around the home or garage, as well as for commercial applications. It’s stationary so it doesn’t offer many conveniences in terms of portability, but it does have a good amount of power.

Key Features

The Q13160VQ is one of the best single-stage air compressors from Quincy. It has a cast iron cylinder, crankshaft, and valve plate for optimum strength and durability. The design of the aluminum head and fins help to dissipate heat and keep the compressor running cool for as long as possible. It also has a fully enclosed belt guard and a start/stop pressure switch.

The Q13160VQ has 3.5 HP and runs on 220V. It has a 60-gallon vertical tank with a 50% duty cycle. This single-stage compressor can provide a pressure between 110 and 135 PSI. The low RPM ensures a quieter and cooler operation.


  • Strong performance
  • Easy-to-access manual drain
  • Higher HP compared with other single-stage/splash compressor
  • check
    Large tank size
  • Not portable

Quincy Q12120PQ in Review

The last one on our review list of Quincy compressors is the Q12120PQ. It’s another single-stage air compressor. It’s portable and ideal for smaller DIY projects and commercial applications.

Key Features

The Q12120PQ features an oil-lubricated, belt-driven pump with an aluminum cast iron cylinder, crankshaft, and valve plate. The head is also made from aluminum to maximize heat dissipation and longevity. It has 2HP and runs on 115V. This compressor has a vertical tank with a capacity of 20 gallons, a good amount for such a portable unit.  It also has low RPM, an extra quiet pump, and easy-to-read pressure gauges.


  • Very quiet
  • Affordable
  • Accurate ratings
  • check
    Strong performance
  • check
  • Drain positioning is quite low

Overview of Quincy Air Compressor Review

It’s no surprise that the compressors from Quincy are one of the most popular and well-known due to their strong performance and high durability. Again, how you choose will solely depend on the application. So before we really break down and compare the four models, here are some reminders to ensure the success of your purchase.

A few reminders…

  • Know what your needs are when it comes to operation. If your system or the application requires a variable speed air compressor, consider a unit with speed control. Otherwise, stick to a fixed drive system.
  • Really take the time to evaluate how your operations or applications work and see which one will work best. If you prioritize flexibility, a variable speed air compressor allows you to slow down or speed up the process. A fixed speed air compressor, on the other hand, lets you switch on-and-off the equipment, allowing you to build the pressure based on your specifications.
  • Again, take into consideration the size. Generally, an air compressor should be as compact as possible. It would fit better in your work area or in your storage plus it makes it very portable. But if you feel like you need a more powerful one and you could disregard the fact that it’s bulky, then, by all means, go big or go home.
  • check
    Check for good reviews, such as this one, before making a decision. See if previous users or current owners are happy with their purchase. Doing so will almost guarantee that you will expect the same.

Now let’s recap. All of these Quincy compressors are of good quality and have good standing in the market.

The QT-54, despite being used primarily for home projects and hobbyist applications, offers a great amount of power. It has 5HP and a 60-gallon tank.

The Q13160VQ also has a 60-gallon tank but has less motor power than the QT-54, at only 3.5HP. Despite that, its low RPM ensures an operation that’s quieter and cooler. This one’s also great for indoor applications or other light-duty commercial projects.

The QT-5 is almost the same with the QT-54 but with a larger tank capacity. That means you can store more compressed air than the 54.

Last but not the least, there’s the Q12120PQ which is ideal for smaller and light-duty applications. It has a 20-gallon tank and a 2HP motor. It’s portable and lightweight.

Our Verdict

Purchasing an air compressor is an investment. Thankfully, Quincy Compressors is an ideal choice in many scenarios. Take the information you need and buy wisely. For us, we proclaim the QT-5 a winner. 

It’s compact enough for a stationary compressor that has just the right amount of strength and a good tank capacity. It’s made from quality materials that ensure longevity and strong performance.

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