Hand tools vs Power tools

To understand the benefits of each tool, we need to know the different classifications first. Basically, there are hand tools and power tools. A power tool, to simply put it, is like an upgraded version of our basic hand tools. It’s powered by a motor either through electricity or some sort of oil. It gives an additional working power compared to hand tools which solely rely on manual labor. With power tools, you can finish any work or project much faster than if you were to use a hand tool. This makes them an incredible addition to anybody’s toolkit. It has the obvious advantage of speed and scale.

Nevertheless, do not be confused between the two classifications I have mentioned. Power tools can sometimes be categorized as a hand-held tool by being able to be used with a person’s bare hand. The difference I am mainly talking about is that one can be more portable and readily available while the other needs electricity or another form of a power source in order for it to operate. Overall, both tools thrive in their own cup of tea. Some jobs work best with a use of a power tool while some can be done with a simple hand tool. It all depends on the kind of work.

However, this type of tool is not reliable for remote jobs. You need to have a power source available in order to operate a power tool. They are also more complex, being that their components, such as the drive mechanism, engine, gear, and power connection, eventually wear out and fail over time. There’s also the deal of regular maintenance like oiling, sharpening, and replacing and repairing parts. Because of this fact, the cost of owning power tools constantly increases. There’s also a higher risk of injury due to its high speed and increased power.

Meanwhile, a hand tool’s advantage is precision. You can carry out fine, detailed work according to your own speed and control. It’s also smaller and more compact in nature, making it easier and lighter to use and transport. It is something you can use whenever, wherever. It doesn’t need to be connected to a power socket making it very portable. You do need to put in manual labor, though. It also takes more time to finish jobs with the use of hand tool compared to a power one. While that seems to make the hand tool less appealing, you should know that not every little problem that needs fixing can be done by a power tool. That is what makes a basic hand tool very useful. You can even ask any craftsman or handyman and I bet you they will tell you that they’ve all started with a powerless hand tool and still uses it along with their other gadgets.

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