Gerber vs. Leatherman

With so many brands of multi-tools to choose from today, it’s normal to feel confused and have constant second thoughts. But if you’re just like most people and only want nothing but the best, I’m here to narrow down your selection to just two brands. These two brands have proved their worth through their quality products and innovative designs. While some people argue that choosing which is best simply boils down to personal preference, others consider looking further into more than just the name.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Gerber vs. Leatherman.

Starting off with the roots, both Gerber and Leatherman originated in Oregon, with Leatherman coming from Portland, Oregon, to be exact. Gerber was established in 1939, proving to be way ahead of Leatherman, which was created in 1983. Gerber was a family business which started as an advertising firm, while Leatherman was founded by a mechanical engineering graduate and his business partner. Both companies visualized to create the perfect all-around tool and we can all attest that the two have proved themselves well.

Probably the most important thing to consider when choosing which brand to go for is the tool it offers. Being that both Gerber and Leatherman carries so many styles of multi-tools with various features, it can get even more difficult to choose. For this, let’s have some product face-offs.

Let’s start with the Leatherman Wave and the Gerber Center-Drive.

Both models have great qualities and build, and are very popular with users. When closed, the Wave measures at 4 inches while the Center-Drive measures at 4.7 inches. The Center-Drive weighs a bit heavier than the Wave, weighing at 9.5 ounces and the Wave at 8.5 ounces. The Wave is the most popular Leatherman product with highly sought-after features including outside-accessible blades, 420HC stainless steel construction, black oxide coating, and a wide selection of tool applications. The Center-Drive from Gerber is also very well-known, with its powerful capabilities outweighing its shortcoming in portability. Overall, the Gerber Center-Drive offers larger tools, a 30% longer blade, bigger magnetic bits, and two-way opening pliers. It’s much more durable and has more leverage than other multi-tools. For this round, Gerber wins.

Here’s another face-off, this time between the Gerber MP400 Compact Sport and the Leatherman Skeletool.

The Gerber MP400 is a compact sized multi-tool with a total of 12 tools, increasing its portability without sacrificing function. It offers a versatile array of features in a miniature version of larger models. The Leatherman Skeletool is also very portable, with a length of only 4 inches and a weight of 5 ounces. It may be small, but it packs a big punch. Some of the key features include a combo knife, cutters, pliers, and a bottle opener. Add to that its popularity and heavy-duty capabilities, the Skeletool wins this round.

We’ve got one more round and right now it’s one for all. Another big factor for choosing any kind of gadget is the warranty it comes with. This is where the competition gets fierce since a warranty evidently serves as a timetable of a product’s life and use. The Leatherman brand offers a 25-year guarantee for its tools which promises to give you another tool of equal or lesser value as long as you do not lose or overly abuse the unit. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. If you choose Gerber and if you live in North America, you will enjoy a full lifetime warranty. People outside of the United States gets a warranty of 25 years, including coverage against all damages no matter what might have caused it to break.

Basically, unless you live in North America, going for either brand is a great choice. You know you’re going to enjoy a high-quality product along with its amazing warranty.

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