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Best Jorgensen Bar Clamps

Best Jorgensen Bar Clamps

Jorgensens Bar Clamps are designed and manufactured for durability and strength, properly proportioned and balanced. Most of their bar clamps feature our hardened steel clutch discs that allow secure holding at any point on the bar, with instant adjustment either toward or away from the work being held.Select the bar clamp to fit the job […]

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Why are tools important?

why tools important

Over the years, tools have proved how much use they can offer humans. It’s the foundation of any kind of work and aids in the process. Whether it’s as light as a Do-It-Yourself project at home or a more refined task at your workshop, tools are going to make it as easy as singing ABC. […]

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Types of hand tools

types handtools

Since the star of this article is the multi-tool, which is considered as a hand tool, we need to learn the other types of instruments so you can be familiar with what may be included in your multipurpose gadget. These various tools can carry out so many tasks that can possibly occur on a regular […]

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Hand tools vs Power tools

hand tools vs power-tools

To understand the benefits of each tool, we need to know the different classifications first. Basically, there are hand tools and power tools. A power tool, to simply put it, is like an upgraded version of our basic hand tools. It’s powered by a motor either through electricity or some sort of oil. It gives […]

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Gerber vs. Leatherman

geber vs leatherman

With so many brands of multi-tools to choose from today, it’s normal to feel confused and have constant second thoughts. But if you’re just like most people and only want nothing but the best, I’m here to narrow down your selection to just two brands. These two brands have proved their worth through their quality […]

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The Best Multi-tool Brands

best multi-tool brands

Depending on your belief, brand names may either be one of the most influencing factors in your decision or it may not have any effect at all when you are buying for something. Either way, you must consider it somehow, especially since more and more brands are stepping up their game just so they can […]

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5 under 50: Worth-it Multi-Tools

50 under 50 worth it multi-tools

Product NamePriceRatingCheck PriceLeatherman Wingman Stainless Multi-tool$$$$$$ Check Price! Leatherman Sidekick Stainless Multi-tool$$$ Check Price! SOG PowerAccess Multi-Tool$$$$$ Check Price! Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier$$$$ Check Price! Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife$$$$$ Check Price! Have you ever wanted to have a great quality multi-tool but don’t have enough budget to spend? Today might be your lucky day because […]

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The Best Multi-Tools for Military Use

best multi-tools military

Product NamePriceRatingCheck PriceLeatherman MUT Black Multi-Tool$$$ Check Price! Gerber Sight Tool Multi-Tool$$$$ Check Price! SOG PowerAssist Black Oxide Multi-Tool$$$$$ Check Price! The use of a multi-tool for common people is great, but it’s even better for those serving in the military. As early as the time of the Roman Empire, isolated soldiers would use a […]

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