How to Decorate Small Modern Bathrooms

1. Install black recessed faucets

One way to decorate a small modern bathroom and make it more interesting is to choose the built-in black faucet. Especially in a neutral environment, where white and soft tones predominate, the valve or one of the accessories in black will add a touch of personality.

2. Choose a natural stone sink for small modern bathrooms

In the image, the pile of stone is supported on a wooden piece of furniture, becoming the focal point of an environment where white predominates. The key to putting a natural stone washbasin is that you look for a piece of furniture as light as possible.

3. In small modern bathrooms, put a note of color with tiles

In small spaces, light colors work well to gain width, but this does not mean that we have to give up a more striking shade. In a narrow bathroom, an excellent solution is to place tiles on the front wall as a backdrop. 

Tiles for bathroom

In order not to overload too much you can opt for tiles of a single color rigged in herringbone or any other geometric shape, providing dynamism.

4. Wooden cladding on a wall

Wood is an excellent choice for a small bathroom because it brings warmth. In making it a long space, a wooden floor, and a porcelain tile or imitation wood wall all in the same color are good options.

A mixture of the two previous ideas is to achieve a rustic touch with a wall of wood accent. Wooden walls can add color, volume, and texture to a small bathroom or toilet. There are sealant treatments and polyurethane paints that make the wood suitable for wet areas. You can also use tropical woods, for example, teak or larch wood, which resists humidity well to decorate small, modern bathrooms.

5. Bet on a large backlit mirror

For decorating small bathrooms, a backlit mirror with LED light is a perfect solution. Backlit mirrors are very attractive objects and with a cold-light LED the skin colors are more realistic.

6. Decant yourself for furniture to measure colors

A less common idea when decorating small modern bathrooms is through pieces of furniture made to measure in some striking color. In the bathroom in the image, the yellow metal pile and the organizing furniture give life and joy to a neutral space that would be dull without its presence.

Bathroom sink

7. Place a washbasin embedded in a wall of work

This is an exciting idea for decorating small bathrooms without windows or tiny toilets that barely fit the sink and toilet. The idea is to place a small washbasin embedded in a brick wall that will act as a worktop. In a few centimeters, you can resolve the placement of the basin and the storage of the bathroom, freeing the rest of the space for the toilet and the passage.

8. Choose a classic piece of furniture and modern wallpaper

The contrasts work decoratively speaking and can print the character in a small space. For example, it combines a more traditional style washbasin unit with a current wallpaper on the walls. As classic furniture is often visually more substantial when it comes to its materials and colors, it is best to choose a clear wallpaper that doesn’t overload.

9. Take a chance with black wallpaper!

Taking contrast to the extreme, we come up with this last idea for the more daring: to use black wallpaper on the walls, which will contrast with white toilets. You can complete the decoration with clean towels.

How to Decorate Small Modern Bathrooms
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How to Decorate Small Modern Bathrooms
One way to decorate a small modern bathroom and make it more interesting is to choose the built-in black faucet. Especially in a neutral environment...
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