How to Clean Your Window Blinds Step by Step

Keeping your blinds clean is not difficult if you are constant. The ideal is not to let them reach a critical situation of dirt that ends up damaging them. To avoid it, review them from time to time, as well as a couple of good cleaning sessions, more exhaustive, a year, is the best solution.

This way, when doing the deep cleaning the results will be more effective, and you will avoid fences and permanent marks or color losses that will shave your appearance and accelerate your aging.

Cleaning of small blinds (without rods) and blinds with rods

Usually, the blinds with rods are made of standard fabrics (no screen), and their washing does not go beyond the washing that we apply to the clothes. The most complicated part of their cleaning is undoubtedly to dismantle them. It is our suggestion of the order of the steps to follow:

  • Remove the knots of the collection cords that anchor at the bottom and remove them from their rear guide washers.
  • Peel off (velcro) or unhook (hooks or buttons) the top front of the fabric.
  • Remove the counterweight (lower plate as a rod but thicker) and the rods.
  • Wash the fabric (follow washing instructions if available) and iron.
  • Once ironed, start the assembly in reverse order: insert counterweight and rods in their corresponding sheaths; place the upper front part of the fabric; finally, pass the collection cords through their washers and knot them down in the small rings at their base.

If the blind were without rods (better known as "package") the procedure would be the same, but we would save disassembly and assembly of the rods.

The blinds or curtains of vertical slats hang from the upper front piece by piece and are stabilized by their lower counterweights.

In reality, they are an orderly succession of bands of a given material hooked to its upper front that rotate from 0 to 180 degrees allowing or closing the passage of light. So, when it comes to cleaning them, we need to invest a little more time as we will proceed to do it.

Window Blinds

Usually, its fabric is stronger than that of fabric blinds, but can also be screen fabric and even PVC and to clean them instead of a rag or sponge; we need to use a soft scouring pad with a little neutral detergent.

It is essential to leave a table free to have space when cleaning the slats, as they are standard width bands that can be 90 mm, 130 mm and even 250 mm. The procedure to follow is very simple. Pick them all up and rub them on the table moistening a rag in a container with a little neutral soap.

Check thoroughly the upper edges of each slat (where they are hooked) because it is the place where more dirt accumulates. Make another pass with the sponge or wet cloth without soap to rinse it. Hang each slat on its corresponding hook again, making sure that they all have the same orientation. Let them dry hanging.

Cleaning of screen fabric roller blinds

As we already know, the screen fabric brings the latest technological advances to the materials of the blinds, thanks to the newest generation components that make up its structure of microfibres.

The screen blinds have the advantage of being repellent to dust particles; moreover, they can be cleaned without hanging down. However, we recommend that you take it down so that the cleaning is effective.

The steps to follow for disassembly would be:

  • Remove the embellishing stops.
  • Remove from its stop the end of the roll that has the device to roll the chain (in the picture).
  • Release the opposite end of your socket.
  • Once the roll has been disassembled, remove the winding mechanism from its housing.
  • Unroll the blind on a nearby table in a place that can be aired and give a gentle dry pass with a sponge.

Now, to wash your blind, spread it out well, use a sponge soaked in soapy water. Then open the window and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Rinse it with a damp cloth and wait until it is dry before reinstalling it by repeating the reverse disassembly.

How to Clean Your Blinds Step by Step
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How to Clean Your Blinds Step by Step
Keeping your blinds clean is not difficult if you are constant. The ideal situation is not to let them reach a critical situation of dirt that ends up damaging them.
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