Orbital Sanders Buyers Guide

Orbital sanders are needed for sanding large surfaces. Their rectangular grinding disc "swings" back and forth.

We focus here on the most interesting and important factors that should determine the purchase of an orbital sander.

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Bosch GSS 230 AVE

92 mm x 182 mm

Makita BO3711

93 mm x 228 mm

Einhell TE-OS 2520 E

115 mm x 230 mm

Introduction to Orbital Sanders

First and foremost, it is not just about the price, but also the size of the plate. The bigger, the faster you can grind large surfaces.

Also, the weight can be a tough decision for some - for example, if the task involves heavy equipment in constrained position (wall or ceiling), clearly you need a heavier yet shorter grinder rather than a lighter one.

Ultimately, of course, the price also plays a role in the purchase decision.

Top Orbital Sanders Review 2018

Makita BO3711

Dimension: 93 mm x 228 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg

Aside from its excellent performance, this orbital sander has quite a large surface of the sanding disc. It also has an attribute like the electronic speed pre-selection and the paper change is quite remarkable. It is not only quick, but it is also easy to use thanks to the clamping lever.

It is quiet and comfortable to operate. The sanding result and the sanding removal are both absolutely good. The dust extraction is excellent; of course, there is still some dust, but where there is planing, chips fall.

The insertion of the sanding papers works very well, even with an attached dust container, which does its job very well. When inserting the sanding sheets, they are tightly stretched over the clamping device.

Moreover, its aluminum base plate and high-quality plastic give the device an excellent haptic quality.

The price doesn’t break the wallet despite the device’s many good traits.


  • Electronic speed pre-selection
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Dust extraction
  • No straight line function


Dimensions: 115 mm x 230 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg

The orbital sander TE-OS 2520 E is a high-quality and powerful all-rounder, which combines the highest ergonomics with maximum functionality, to bring an optimal sanding pattern on most different surfaces.

The demanding DIY tasks appreciate this very robust hand sander as an indispensable aid for sanding wood materials and plastics, which can prove its qualities, especially on large flat surfaces.

Einhell is remarkable for its lower weight but high oscillation rate. 250 watts of power with a maximum oscillation rate of 24,000 rpm enable sufficient power and a high grinding performance at all times. The haptic may not be as quite as good as the others, but it still performs well.

It has a good performance ratio despite the low price compared to other orbital sanders.


  • Adjustable vibration frequency
  • Vibration dumper
  • Filter box
  • Not the best haptic quality


Dimensions: 92 mm x 182 mm
2.4 kg

Bosch orbital sander is intended for professional craftsmen: the machine is on a very high technical level.

It does have not only a high output but also a decoupled motor housing. It has the lowest vibrations in its class.

Also, the plate distributes the contact pressure evenly. It is an excellent choice for professional craftsmen who work daily with machines.

It can be your first choice for all work requiring high-quality surfaces. Typical areas of application are therefore classic carpentry work.

However, the orbital sander has also proven its worth in dry construction, painting and varnishing work. Due to the decoupling of the grip shell, the grinding disc rests firmly on the workpiece even if the contact pressure is not ideally distributed on the grip surfaces.

Due to this, the material is removed exceptionally evenly, and the work progresses quickly. In addition to the microfilter box, industrial vacuum cleaners can also be connected to the orbital sander. It means that dust-free work is also possible when working in closed and furnished rooms.


  • Very low vibration
  • Dust extraction
  • check
    Additional handle
  • Comparatively expensive


DIY tasks can take too much time and effort and choosing the right machine and equipment to help make the woodwork easier is a must. Of course, aside from the performance, you should consider your budget to as much as you would note the use of it.

Bosch orbital sander can be too pricey and may not be worth it for one-time use. Makita and Einhell will do that job for you at a reasonable price. However, if you intend to use your orbital sander for lots of chores, invest your money to the machine that fit your duty appropriately.

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Orbital Sanders Buyers Guide
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