Everlast Welder Buyers Guide

Whether it's for work or at-home projects, looking for the perfect welding machine can be intimidating. But if you know how to choose the right one, the rest will be easy.

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PowerTIG 210EXT

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PowerTIG 250EX

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Power iTIG 200

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PowerMTS 211Si

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PowerTIG 200DV

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PowerMIG 200

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PowerMTS 251Si

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Everlast Welder Product Review

Considering that there are various welding processes available, it can be a bit confusing to decide on which make or model to choose. If you are an expert who wants to upgrade your current machine for improvement and the like, you might want to go straight to the reviews to choose between our top selections.

However, if you are a beginner who wants to invest in a good quality welder that will last you for many years, you can start by learning the basics first and then proceeding to decide which model is best for you. But before we even discuss the wide variety of options for you to decide,

let us get to know the brand that brought out these high-quality and high-performance welding machines.

The Everlast Brand

The Everlast brand is a fairly new company that specializes in generators and welding machines. Starting as a small e-commerce company in San Francisco, California, Everlast Power Products Inc. became one of the most competitive brands in the welding industry when they went up against some of the household names in the industry regarding price, product performance, as well as in quality and service.

In 2008, Everlast became even more popular throughout The United States and Canada when they released their inverter welders and plasma cutters now known as the “Power” series. The “Power” series quickly gained fame in many home garages, welding shops, and professional work sites across the states.

Today, Everlast continues to meet the needs of their customers with highly functional and competitively affordable welders that are perfect for the average Joe to the large-scale work sites.

The Common Types of Weld Processes

Before you can start determining the exact model of the welding machine that will work best for your needs, you should know that there are different types of weld processes that suit different welding situations. It is important that you understand the differences between each existing process when deciding on the right model, make, and type of machine.

And since no universal welding machine can handle all existing processes, you need to consider a couple of factors so that you can evaluate which process is most appropriate for the job. Among the aspects that you need to take into account includes the type of material, its thickness, the welding position, as well as the amount of time it requires to complete the whole process.

These factors will allow you to determine which welding machine you need exactly.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding or Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

The first welding process you need to be familiar with is the Metal Inert Gas Welding which is also known as MIG. The concept behind MIG is to combine two pieces of metal with the use of a wire that has a connection with an electrode current. This type of process requires a shielded gas heating up the two metals for combining.

The MIG welding process is the most common method in industrial welding, and it is the easiest process to learn which makes it suitable for beginners. It requires a constant voltage with a direct current power source to fuse materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Arc Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

Arc Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding is the most basic type of welding process. Also known as “Stick,” this type of welding uses electric current that forms an electric arc that will join the stick and the metal together.

Iron and steel usually undergo this particular welding process for jobs in steel structures and industrial fabrication. Stick welding is also popular in manufacturing, construction, as well as in repair work.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

The Tungsten Inert Gas process or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is a complex welding method that requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. In this particular process, a non-consumable tungsten electrode heats the metal base to melt a weld puddle.

This higher level of the welding process is usually responsible for carrying out excellent work with an above standard result. It also requires less sanding and grinding.

The Benefits of Owning a Welder

Just like many other things, there are various reasons for you to purchase a personal welding machine. Depending on your exact needs or nature of work, you can enjoy more benefits in owning a welder than most people.

To give you a clearer idea, here are some of the advantages of owning a welder.

You Can Eliminate Rental Fees

If you need a welding machine regularly, the chances are that if you don’t own one, you rent one. However, renting can be expensive, and the costs tend to pile on overtime. Whether or not the rental fee is per hour or per day, it does not make much sense to rent if you use it quite often.

But when you own a welder, you can eliminate rental fees. You also won’t have to worry about returning it or picking it up somewhere.

Man welding

You Can Take Advantage Of Its Quality

Renting a welder usually means that the machine is not brand new and that many others used it as well. Even if you rent it from a reputable company, you can never be sure if it undergoes regular maintenance.

Owning a welding machine will ensure you that its quality, as well as the quality of your work, is always the best. You are also able to take advantage of it while it is brand new and you can monitor and maintain it properly.

You Can Assure That It Is Always Ready For Use

Even if you have a good working relationship with the rental shop, your specific welding machine may not always be available for you. Unless you have a written contract which makes you practically the owner, it doesn’t make sense as in comparison to justify purchasing one for yourself. That way, you always have it ready and waiting whenever you need it.

How to Choose A Welder

Now that you have a better idea about how a welder works and what it can do for you, the next step is to find a model that can handle all of your welding needs. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to choose the best welder that suits you.

Find Out Your Needs

Before you can start scanning through the various welders that Everlast has to offer, you first need to determine what you need a welding machine for and how you plan to use it. Is it for standard home projects or professional quality work? Do you need something that works fine for thin materials or a unit that can penetrate thick materials? These questions are among the few that you need to answer to work your way into finding the right welding machine.

Determine Your Weld Process

Again, since there isn’t a universal welder that can handle all your needs, you might want to narrow your search down to the type of weld process you require the most. Can a MIG handle the job or is the stick better? What kind of quality are you looking for in your results? If you know the differences between the weld processes, answering these questions will be a lot easier and can lead you to find the best model for your use.

Welding Torch

Get Technical

Once you know what your basic welding needs are, you can focus on searching a unit with a more technical eye. Start looking for certain specs and options that you may want to have in your welder. Be critical at looking for features such as the voltage, maximum output, as well as the duty cycle.

Everlast Welder Product Reviews

With the right information in mind, it will be easier for you to determine which model will suit your needs and can deliver the best results.  Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to discover what each of these Everlast Power Welders has to offer. Take some notes down as you go along the review so you can choose the best unit for you.

Everlast Power TIG 210EXT

Product Highlights:

The Everlast Power TIG 210EXT is a TIG/Stick welder with a digital microprocessor that helps increase productivity, weld quality, and precision. It offers the best arc stability and performance without the large size or heavy weight of the unit.

The IGBT Technology or the Insulate Gate Bipolar Transistor is a semiconductor device that offers efficiency in welding processes. Although the IGBT Technology is more complex than others, its capability to enhance work output while handling high loads of arc welding makes for an extremely useful machine.

When IGBT Technology combines with a digital microprocessor, like the one in the TIG 210EXT, there is more control over the pulsing of the welding current which results in a more efficient work period.

While a lot of the Power Series from Everlast Welders comes with the IGBT Technology, the TIG 210EXT remains to stand out from the rest. It has the standard type of pulse feature for AC and DC with the addition of a special waveform for welding including the Advanced Square Wave, Soft Square Wave, and the Triangular. These features offer additional flexibility especially when welding aluminum.

Aside from the precision, efficiency, and portability that this unit offers, the Everlast Power TIG 210EXT also features two pulse modes, a standard and an advanced pulse for AC welding specifically for thinner materials. With this option, you can increase welding speed without worrying about any warping.

The TIG 210EXT also has a finger amp control torch and a programmable memory which allows the user to fully customize the job with the help of up to 9 different programs. You can even utilize Stick functions in the same unit which includes features such as a hot start time, hot start intensity, and arc force control.

The Everlast Power TIG 210EXT comes in a combo kit which includes a 12 feet Everlast 26 series TIG torch with a remote switch and DINSE style connector. It also has a heavy-duty Stick electrode holder with a 10 feet cable and a 35 series connector. You can also enjoy the Everlast foot pedal, a work clamp, the Everlast Argon regulator, and an input cable with a NEMA 6-50 plug.


  • Precise welding
  • Programmable memory
  • Three types of waveform
  • None


The Everlast Power TIG 210EXT is a next level welding machine that comes with a full pack of features that benefits a beginner to a professional. Its wide range of features allows you to customize your welding work and program up to 9 different programs so you can save parameters.

There is also less warping and higher speed thanks to its special advanced pulse feature. Although the closely competitive Power MTS 251Si comes with a lot more features, The Everlast Power TIG 210EXT remains a tried and true welding machine. This one is our clear winner.

Everlast Power TIG 250EX

Product Highlights:

The Everlast Power TIG 250EX is a versatile AC/DC TIG welder that is perfect for both a welding enthusiast as well as the professional welder. It delivers 250 amps of power on a single phase with a 60% duty cycle at 240 volts.

The Power TIG 250EX has a lot of features including an IGBT power module to increase its reliability and performance. It has a fully adjustable pulse with an AC frequency and AC balance control with an arc force control. It also has a spot weld timer whenever you are dealing with routine work.

Apart from these features, the 250EX includes a 12 feet 18 series TIG torch with a 35 series DINSE style connector and torch switch for 2T or 4T operations. It also has a Stick electrode holder with a 10 feet cable, a clamp, a foot pedal, a billet brass regulator, a consumable starter kit, and a 6 feet power input cable.


  • Handles TIG and Stick Weld Processes
  • Low amp start
  • Color-coded controls
  • Does not come with the Tungsten


The Everlast Power TIG 250EX is a capable and economic welder that’s great for both beginners and professionals. It has a wide range of basic features with a few upgrades including an expanded AC cleaning range and arc force control for stick processes. Although not as popular as the Power TIG 210EXT, the 250EX does the job and then some.

Everlast Power iTIG 200

Product Highlights:

The Everlast Power iTIG 200 is a DC TIG welder that features a performance driven machine. This user-friendly model has an intuitive design with a true digital TIG and Stick welder. It has an Infineon microprocessor control that’s simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Aside from that, the iTIG 200 also has a brand new HF start design which improves the arc starting while lowering the sustaining threshold to 3 amps. It has a programmable memory and can store up to 9 programs.


  • Stable arc performance
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lower duty cycle
  • No tungsten in the kit


The Everlast Power iTIG 200 is an adjustable model with a simple plug and play construction. It boasts reliability and serviceability with precise control and an extensive program memory. The iTIG 200 is a suitable choice for gunsmiths and works well with mold repair as well as rebuilding.

Everlast Power MTS 211Si

Product Highlights:

The Everlast Power MTS 211Si is a multi-purpose welding machine with more than the normal capability to handle daily tasks and chores. As a fairly new series of multi-purpose welders, the MTS 211Si features a new digital inverter which can turn this MIG component into a TIG or Stick welder.

This all-digital unit has a synergic MIG operation which can transform into a standard MIG operation through adjustable MIG waveforms to control and manage arc characteristics. It also has an exclusive nine channel memory function that allows you to store specific welding settings for a quicker set up than usual.


  • Multi-purpose welder
  • All digital
  • Adjustable features
  • Only standard MIG operation
  • Requires manual override for tuning


The Everlast Power MTS 211Si may be a newcomer, but its all-around feature makes it a competitor. It has digital processors with an adjustable program allowing you to customize your work at your pace. The MTS 211Si offers excellent performance and optimum convenience to any user.

Everlast Power TIG 200DV

Product Highlights:

The Everlast Power TIG 200DV is the newest addition to the line of analog inverter TIG welders. It features an expanded range of components including a dual voltage and an IGBT inverter that you can control digitally.

Apart from that, the TIG 200DV can operate on 120V or 240V on a single phase. Plus, it’s portable so you can bring along this unit anywhere without sacrificing the power or performance. Among its other features include a maximum shielding gas protection, color-coded controls, lift start function, a 240V outlet, and arc force control for stick operations.


  • Dual voltage
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Lacking on other features


The Everlast Power TIG 200DV offers a dynamic performance in a portable unit. It features a low amp start at five amps for TIG and 20 amps in AC. It also has a 240V outlet compatible with the WC300 water cooler.

Everlast Power MIG200

Product Highlights:

The Everlast Power MIG200 is also a newer version of a digital welder with an IGBT inverter design which reduces the weight and footprint of this portable unit. It has a dual digital display that shows both volt and amp readings to allow for maximum ease and precision.

Aside from the IGBT, the MIG200 also has a Stick function which allows you to control rise time of current, puddle fluidity, and penetration. The automatic pre-flow and post-flow control improve weld quality while reducing porosity.


  • High-performing
  • Requires separate spool gun


The Everlast Power MIG200 is suitable for beginners. It features strong capacity and portability so you can work anywhere. While it’s easy to use, it still provides professional results.

Everlast Power MTS 251Si

Product Highlights:

The Everlast Power MTS 251Si is the fourth generation of multi-process welders from the brand. It features digital controls and an inverter design making it versatile enough for a beginner and pro. It has a Synergic MIG, a pulsed MIG, and a Pulse TIG welding mode that allows you to work on various welding projects.

A unique feature of the MTS 251Si is its high-frequency start in TIG mode with controls for hot start intensity and duration.


  • Multi-process
  • Digital controls
  • No Tungsten


The Everlast Power MTS 251Si is a versatile unit that features three weld processes. Its digital and adjustable controls allow for total command of the user. Between the 251Si and the 250EX, you can enjoy more features with the MTS 251Si.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, investing in a quality welder will allow you to save more in the future. Consider which features you need and decide on the best Everlast welder that can always do the job.

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