Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining your Painting Equipment

In carrying out a practical and efficient painting job, it is common to use painting equipment. These devices, thanks to their design, facilitate the application of paint on countless types of surfaces saving time and effort to users.

Painting equipment must be carefully maintained and cleaned, due to the nature of its function. In complying with proper maintenance, it is essential that this type of machine is used correctly.

In this publication, we will be detailing the points and criteria you should consider to keep your painting equipment in good condition, and thus extend its useful life.

An Adequate Use of the Painting Machine

These are some of the primary recommendations for the proper use of painting equipment:

  • Before using the material, you must read the user manual thoroughly.
  • Familiarize yourself with all controls and the operation of the equipment.
  • Persons trained in its use may only use the appliance.
  • The machine should only be used in dry environments.
  • In case the equipment presents some failure or malfunction, you must not use it.
  • Painting equipment should only be used to perform the function for which it was designed.
  • You must not allow children to play with the machine or make improper use of it.
  • Use only accessories marked by the manufacturer.
Painting machine

Cleaning of Painting Equipment

  • In maintaining the machine, you must make sure it is kept clean.
  • Before carrying out any cleaning activity of the appliance, you must disconnect it from the electrical network, for your safety and that of the equipment.
  • After completing the painting work, turn off the appliance motor.
  • Squeeze the trigger so that the liquid left in the suction tube returns to the cup or container.
  • Unscrew or disconnect the cup from the appliance, and empty it of any remaining paint.
  • Use a brush to pre-clean both the paint container and the feeding tube.
  • Place water or solvent in the cup and screw or attach it to the appliance. Only use solutions with a flash point higher than 21°C.
  • Connect the motor and spray the solvent or water onto a cloth or container.
  • Repeat this process until the solvent or water comes out completely clean.
  • Turn off the equipment again.
  • Empty the container and make sure that the union of the glass is free of residues and without any damage.
  • Clean the exterior of the gun and container using a cloth impregnated with a solvent or water.
  • Remove the cap and nozzle from the gun, and clean them using a brush with water or solvent.
  • Finally, allow all components to dry completely before storing.

Maintenance of Painting Equipment

  • Changing the air filter if it is dirty is essential for the maintenance of the machine.
  • You must remove the air filter removing the corresponding cover, replace the filter and replace the lid. Check that both the cap and the screen are in the right place.
  • Never use the appliance without the air filter. It could cause dirt to be absorbed by the engine, impairing the operation of the painting equipment.

By following these things, you can carry out the correct cleaning and maintenance of your painting equipment.

Maintenance of Painting Equipment
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Maintenance of Painting Equipment
In this publication, we will be detailing the points and criteria you should consider to keep your painting equipment in good condition.
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