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Maintaining your car is no simple matter. As a job, it’s even tougher. As a routine, it’s literally back-breaking.

That is if you don’t have the right tool especially when you need to look into your vehicle away from your garage.

You probably cannot imagine taking all the tools you need, with you, anywhere you go.

The solution is QuickJack portable car lifting systems.

This article will bring you to a brand new way of car repair and maintenance using these QuickJack products.

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 Can hold up to 7,000 lbs. / 3,175.15 kgs.


 Can hold up to 5,000 lbs. / 2,267.96 kgs.


 Can hold up to 3,500 lbs. / 1,587.57 kgs.

Ranger QuickJack SUV & Light Truck Adapters

Used for BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX

About QuickJack Brand

Every brand has a story and QuickJack is no exception.

In the world of technology, machines always step up to address certain problems that are usually unmanageable at that very moment.

Similarly, the story behind QuickJack started when Jeff Kritzer, the Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing in BendPak, observed one problem during his visit to a particular race track. He saw that the crew were having a hard time installing jack stands to troubleshoot a race car.

At that very moment, Jeff realized the need to a portable car lifting system to address problems related to vehicle maintenance and repair.

Furthermore, BendPak Inc. supported this idea and developed QuickJack. The QuickJack series have unique specifications and capabilities design for various car requirements.

The brand wants to make life easy. Since cars have been one of our most common necessities, QuickJack aims to conveniently make the repairs and maintenance quick and easy using portable car lift systems. It has gained the trust of many car owners and distributors internationally and soon yours, too.

Continue reading this article to learn more about these QuickJack car lifting systems.

The Best QuickJack Products Review

Ranger QuickJack BL-7000SLX

If you’re looking for an extreme and portable car lift system for your shop or garage, the Ranger BL-7000SLX is absolutely a good choice.

This QuickJack product is ultimately the most heavy-duty portable car lift system designed for light trucks and cars, especially SUVs.

BL-7000SLX gives you a powerful performance that could give you much more confidence in working with the undercarriage, tires, and a lot of other stuff on a lifted vehicle. You could rely on this QuickJack car lift when dealing with exhausting challenges in your garage. It’s pretty easy to assemble and quick to install under a vehicle to get a lift.

BL-7000SLX Features:

  • 7000lbs weight capacity
  • Safety locks in two positions
  • Rubber block extension
  • Hydraulic-powered car lift
  • 13-foot cord push-button remote
  • Urethane wheels for easy rolling
  • Easy-to-install hoses
  • 14-gauge steel jack frames
  • Absolute undercarriage access

The Ranger BL-7000SLX is somehow similar to our BL-5000SLX. One big difference is the load limit. Our BL-7000SLX can lift up to 7000 pounds, which is of course ideal for light trucks and SUVs.

It still retains the automatic safety lock which ensures a nice hold upon reaching the middle part and the full level positions. Additionally, in order to achieve a rubber block extension, the cantilevered rubber block trays are something you can count on.

Our BL-7000SLX comes with a hydraulic power unit. With the help of the hydraulic flow divider, the 14-gauge welded steel jack frames receive a uniform and accurate lift. While raising the car lift, the steel mounted urethane wheels allow the well-positioned jack frames to glide conveniently. The durable hydraulic cylinders are much more reliable than the use of screws. They are also designed with velocity-fuse valves made for safety.

The portable hydraulic power unit is safe with metal handle and it comes with a pendant control for remote operation. This control includes a 13-foot cord which makes it easy to operate at a reasonable distance.

Another feature that makes this car lift outstanding is the open-center design which allows the mechanic to get full access to the undercarriage of the vehicle. So, it’s pretty convenient when you’re working with the brakes, tires, and other stuff underneath.

To speed up the lowering movement, the designed power-assist canisters are there to help you. The unit also consists of 4 pieces of rubber lifting blocks in 1.5 x 3 x 4 inches and another 4 at 3 x 3 x 4 inches. These lift blocks will hold your car at a particular position without any worries.

Using these rubber blocks, you could raise the jack frames up to 21.2 inches. Without stacked blocks, the frame height is 17.7 inches. The maximum spread of the rubber block could reach 60 inches and the minimum is at 31.5 inches.

The easy-to-connect hoses make it convenient for you to start up troubleshooting in just a couple of minutes. If you need to put it away in your garage or in your car trunk, it’s also pretty quick to disassemble.


  • 7000-pound load capacity
  • With upper frame rail support
  • Use SUV adapters for extended height
  • A bit more expensive


QuickJack BL-7000SLX is ultimately the best choice for light trucks and SUVs at a maximum load of 7000 pounds. This portable car lift system offers you easy setup and convenience while working with your vehicle.

QuickJack BL-5000SLX

Attention to all car service centers and mechanics out there! Now is the time for you to discover this car lifting system designed by QuickJack.

This new BL-5000SLX is a reliable counterpart to troubleshoot your car whether indoors or outdoors. This car lifting system is very easy to assemble anytime anywhere you need a helping hand.

It gives you a good performance the way other brands do. One advantage is its portability. There is a reliable handle which protects the power unit making it easy to carry.

Take it with you when you travel in your car or simply store one in your shop.

It’s quite a challenge for many auto mechanics to diagnose car problems as soon as possible without this equipment. Using QuickJack BL-5000SLX, you could give your car an instant lift and quick repair.

This is one of the must-have tools in your garage which is very useful for professionals and even for any DIYers.

QuickJack BL-5000SLX Features:

  • 5,000 lbs. load limit
  • Auto-lock in 2 levels
  • Cantilever lift with rubber blocks
  • Durable urethane wheels
  • Hydraulic flow divider
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel frames
  • Strong hydraulic cylinders

Your friendly companion BL-5000SLX has a power requirement of 110 Volts. Weighing 215 pounds, this professional tool can lift as much as 5,000 pounds of load at mid-level and full-level locking positions without any worries.

Your car is secured on the steel lifting bars with auto safe locks that push the vehicle upwards and carefully hold it in two locking positions. These safety locks are perfectly positioned while you adjust the height of the lifted vehicle.

As you control the car lift to rise, the cantilevered support allows the rubber block to be extended to its fuller length. This extension of the rubber block trays makes it possible to reach various lift points.

If moving down, release the lift frames by overturning the lock bar and it’s ready to move downward.

And speaking of the controls, this equipment comes with a 13-foot cord connected to a pendant controller. So, you could operate BL-5000SLX remotely with the simple push-button control.

The heavy-duty urethane wheels secure the movement of the jack frames. Plus a powerful hydraulic flow divider to accurately balance the frames while lifting. These 14 gauge welded frames are strong enough to support the vehicle weight within its capacity.

In order to thoroughly work on the undercarriage of the car, BL-5000SLX jack is designed to be open at the center.  This allows complete access to underparts and the wheels making brake and tire repair convenient while the vehicle is steady.

The hydraulic cylinders provide powerful pressure which propels the jack and elevates the vehicle. They include velocity-fuse valves designed to avoid the loss of pressure and in order for the jack to function continuously. The use of hydraulic fluid replaced the use of expensive screw jack system.

The power-assist canisters raise the rate of the downward movement.

The unit comes with eight pieces of modifiable and easy-to-arrange rubber blocks to hold the vehicle in place while working. This is to make the car secured on the jack.

The detailed instruction in the QuickJack manual will help you get the job done perfectly without a mess. Additionally, the BL-5000SLX includes flush-face hose fittings to see to it that the fluids won’t cause some scatter around your workplace.

How to Operate QuickJack BL-5000SLX

This unit is easy to assemble. The hoses are simple to connect and disconnect. That makes preparation or setup in just a few minutes. The jack frames also allow precise positioning system.

Place BL-5000SLX in the proper area and plug it in the power source. Put the jack frames and the rubber blocks under the vehicle you have to fix. These jack frames suit most race cars undercarriage.

Hold the control and press the UP button and let the jack lift the car up to your desired height. Continue pressing the pendant control until the jack is totally lifted until its limit. The height capacity is about 2 feet.

Once the vehicle is on a secured elevation, start your repair. After all the fixing, push the down button to lower your vehicle.

This is the quickest way to get into your car issues effortlessly.


  • Portable and light
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable steel jack design
  • Should not exceed 5000lbs weight limit


QuickJack is a heavy-duty car lifting system for car repair and maintenance. This equipment fits most race cars and any vehicles within its weight limit. It’s light and easy to carry anytime. It’s ideal for professional use and home.

QuickJack BL-3500SLX

The BL-3500SLX is your lightweight companion and an extra low profile car lifting system. This is another QuickJack innovation that is small enough to fit in your trunk but does great jobs.

It is super portable and easy to assemble anytime anywhere when you need a lift. Take BL-3500SLX with you and let QuickJack save the day.

Put it away anywhere within your reach. It doesn’t require much space that’s why it won’t give you a headache when taking it to travel. Setting up is not a problem anymore since the parts are ready to assemble and get the jack frames to rise at a reasonable height in an instant.

BL-3500SLX Features:

  • 3500lb weight limit
  • Safety locks at two positions
  • Cantilevered trays for rubber blocks
  • Easy-carry power unit with a metal handle
  • Urethane wheels
  • Pendant control
  • Hydraulic flow divider
  • 14-gauge steel frames
  • Low-profile car lift frames

Do not underestimate this low-profile BL-3500SLX because it can definitely do a great job. The hydraulic power unit is very portable and secured it with a metal handle to be carried anywhere you need it. It comes with an integrated hydraulic flow divider which allows the frames to rise equally.

To help you do the control, you got the 13-foot cord connected to a pendant control. Use this remote push-button to enable a quick and easy operation at a distance.

In terms of safety, you could rely on the safety lock bars which secure the jack frames as they rise at two lock points. The 14-gauge steel frames are supported by the steel mounted urethane wheels to give a smooth glide and steady handles for keeping the jack frames in place. The rubber blocks are well-positioned on cantilevered trays in order to provide a longer range to other points and better trail.

Our BL-3500SLX does not only help you make things done, but also make them done without extra work. It is secured with nice hose fittings to avoid some leak, which gives you less work to accomplish.

And because of the open-center design, you could have a complete look of your vehicle’s undercarriage to derive the best solution.


  • Extra lightweight and portable
  • No-leak system
  • Suits most race cars
  • Not compatible with SUV adapters


QuickJack BL-3500SLX is the lightest of the SLX series and the most portable. It doesn’t require much space, therefore it’s very travel-wise. It is most ideal for fixing most race cars within the 3500-pound range.

Ranger QuickJack SUV & Light Truck Adapters

Now if you need extra height, don’t hesitate to include in your toolbox these QuickJack SUV and light truck adapters.

What are these accessories for? Well, in case you are required to have a higher clearance when undertaking a task with your favorite BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX. This adapter kit includes 12 pieces of durable add-ons ready to provide you with stability and confidence to get your work done.

The SUV and Light Truck Adapter pack has 3 sets of different useful tools to get an easy lift. The sets are:

  • 4 contact pads
  • 4 contact pads receiver
  • 4 stackable adapters at 3 inches

There are 4 round polyurethane lift pads designed to ensure that the carriage grip is intact. They are contact pads which are useful in reducing slip or extra movement upon installation as well as during lifting. The sliding receivers are compatible with the polyurethane lift pads and to the adapters, too.

Using these SUV adapters, you could raise your vehicle up to 20 inches more. They could improve the service environment and provide more stability on the block trays.

In terms of safety, you could rely on the safety lock bars which secure the jack frames as they rise at two lock points. The 14-gauge steel frames are supported by the steel mounted urethane wheels to give a smooth glide and steady handles for keeping the jack frames in place. The rubber blocks are well-positioned on cantilevered trays in order to provide a longer range to other points and better trail.

Our BL-3500SLX does not only help you make things done, but also make them done without extra work. It is secured with nice hose fittings to avoid some leak, which gives you less work to accomplish.

And because of the open-center design, you could have a complete look of your vehicle’s undercarriage to derive the best solution.


  • Adapters for extra height
  • Fits BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX
  • Increases service efficiency
  • Not compatible with BL-3500SLX


Ranger QuickJack SUV and Light Truck adapters are effectively made for BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX car lifting system. They provide much higher clearance and stable grip for reliable installation.


QuickJack car lifting systems are pretty obviously one of the tools you should have in your garage. If portability is the requirement, these ones are just right for you.

Now, it’s time for you to pick your choice.

QuickJack BL-5000SLX is a reliable car jack lifting device to give your vehicle a nice lift for repair and maintenance. It features a dual lock system to ensure the jack in place. Carry this tool anywhere or get one for your shop to experience a professional performance by QuickJack.

BL-7000SLX is so far the most heavy-duty car lift system we talked about in this article. It is portable and reliable giving you absolute access to the undercarriage of your car and a whole new experience with all its unique features.         

The BL-3500SLX is a low-profile car lifting system mostly ideal for your speedy race cars. It is super light and portable so you could take it anywhere you want. It is secured with a double lock system and extended cantilevered block trays with zero-leak and full undercarriage coverage.

If you need extra height for your BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX, the Ranger QuickJack SUV and Light Truck adapters with 12-piece adapters for high standard jack frames are something you could add. The adapters are very useful in providing additional height to the car lift in order to ensure stability and quality work.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight car lift just enough for your light car, the BL-3500SLX is a good choice. But, once you need a heavy-duty car lift which you could upgrade using the adapters, the BL5000SLX and the BL-7000SLX are great.

Indeed, there is a very way you could labor around with your vehicle without having to struggle. All you need is QuickJack!

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